9JA provides our clients with sophisticated Ethereum/Blockchain consulting solutions.We believe group-think and conformity is not necessarily the road towards creativity and innovation.

We excel at delivering stable and reliable software through standards based Agile Development and Scrum principles. Our specialities include providing real-time interactive applications through cloud-infrastructures and delivering quality of tracking of every transactions using Blockchain. Proven past performance within Government and Private Sector.

Delivering real-time, reliable, scalable, distributed solutions for storing, tracking and retrieving each data as block. Providing Smart contract for implementing business logic focusing on Blockchain. Utilizing standards and open source technologies to provide low cost quick deliverables following Agile methodologies using an iterative approach.

Deep experience and strategic expertise in Blockchain having worked with Industry leading CIO’s in identifying Blockchain use cases and Blockchain Vendor selection. Deep partner ecosystem of many of the blockchain products and solutions firms so if there a product out there, we will find it.

9JA Inc has a tremendous outreach program, which gives us access to qualified and talented individuals who are respected experts in their field. 9JA also partners and interacts closely with open-source software providers to ensure close communication with the Subject Matter Experts. 9JA currently supports programs utilising cutting edge distributed cloud architectures providing traceability of every transactions.

Block chain development company

Technologies we use

  • Ethereum,Blockchain
  • ENS providing for human readable names for access decentralised address.
  • EVS is the runtime environment for smart contract.
  • Smart Contract Concept.
  • Crypto currency exchanges using Cryptography to secure the transaction.
  • Solidity,Truffle is used to build block chain Dapps.
  • Remix is a IDE contract using solidity.

How do I implement a blockchain solution?

Ultimately, any solution, no matter how prescient, is only as good as its execution. This is where Mitosis excels—by offering proven expertise in managing complex implementation programs from start to finish.

Cryptographically secure Digital Wallet :

9JA Succeeded on Block chain tried-and-true digital signature technology to create transactions that reduce fraud and establishes trust and accountability on sustainability concept.

BlockChain on Shared Mode : Blockchains have little value within a single organisation. 9JA connecting Supplier, brand , Retailer in B2B Business to participate to do Digital Wallet Transaction.

Digital Ledger Maintenance : A write once, read many databases that is an immutable record of every transaction. If a mistake is made, you must post a compensating transaction to correct it – no updating or deleting is allowed.

Proof of value (PoV) execution

9JA designs a customized, block chain-based test that demonstrates both the viability of the technology while providing a mechanism to measure business impact.

  • Analyze functional and technical scoping.
  • Assess vendor solutions.
  • Develop rapid prototyping, including end to end build support.
  • Measure the case for change.
  • Forge a path for implementing blockchain.

9JA delivers as a Part of Blockchain solution:

  • Business and functional requirements
  • Design, development, testing of blockchain solutions
  • Integration and management of third party implementation partners
  • Rigorous PMO and proactive management of overall efforts

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